Flipping furniture!!

Story time:

A couple of friends having a discussion about a CHAIRS; He loves his all leather bar-chairs, she wants to put it in the trash and get new modern ones, too old, ugly color, bulky, etc. (As women we exaggerate when we are not HAPPY with something), but he couldn’t let it go! These are vintage, good materials, we can’t replace them now, furniture is expensive, etc. back and forth.

I knew for sure her love for giraffes; it was obvious to me when I saw many giraffe statues, pictures, drawing around her house too. one day we were shopping and I saw it. a beautiful giraffe print fabric, I looked at her and I said: I don’t think those chair going anywhere!! I have an idea!! And they live happily forever and after! I hope we would never know inside of ‘Mars and Venus” home.

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