Believe in the Idea! Believe in yourself!

I was Running empty!! Nothing feels EASY!! Everything happens for a reason! Believe in myself, It was the only way, just tried, just do it! make it happen!

I want to be independent, an entrepreneur, I was highly motivated by the idea of put in practice my business education, my ideas, be created with a purpose then finally happen “YemaYa” jungle findings! souvenir store was a reality, with the help of a good friend and business partner. May 2009 – January 2010.

Through this wonderful experience I had the change to proof self-potential, what I have to offer, it was more than I believe SOMETIMES; we all have those moments.

“Yemaya” was my 1st clothing store, art studio, inspiration space, investment, manifestations of dreams! because I was in love with it, I did design a brand, I did choose the colors, I made all decoration elements, the singing, the jewelry with picking materials from the area and we invited local vendors to bring some of their products. I believe it’s become my most amazing experience! the number 1 for sure! I did enjoy the adventure.



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