Today I believe that I need to keep my hand busy other wise my creativity is going to go sleep, I try to use different materials, felt and knitting.

I am not proud! I been struggle with the ideas, definitely is not easy no matter how many DIY tutorials I watch, it doesn’t feel right to do the same that somebody had made already, I make more personal as in general with my ideas, I was able to tried new patterns and colour or just put it together and see what it comes out of it.

Dont JUDGE ME!! this is a beginners practice.

Daisy’s red something for winter…to heavy she just used twice and anytime I tried to make her wear it, she hide or RUN!! where the love goes!!

Next picture is a purse for a 12 years old girl! I tried, it can be a good book holder!


I hope she like it!




2017-11-02 20.07.002017-11-02-20-01-50.jpg2017-11-07 21.58.572017-11-12 17.34.452017-11-12 17.34.282017-11-11 23.45.132017-11-11 23.45.022017-11-11 22.25.052017-11-11 22.24.572017-11-11 22.25.122017-11-11-22-25-17.jpg2017-11-11-23-44-53.jpg


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