I always happy when I can help! This idea was particularly challenged! I used to work with, easy materials and unlimited color options, but this material and colors became a whole new learning process.

When I make art for others, I like to capture the sense of people, it makes sense because at the end they gonna be living with it, so I want to make sure they will LOVE IT or I hope they do! This project was an inspiration zone!

My good friend’s daughter was 5 years old, she didn’t like her room, she still sleeps with mom and dad! Then her room became a storage room, but it came the time to give the room back to the little princess, with her mom ideas we transformed in a little garden with her favorite colors, more welcoming, cozy and HAPPY place!!

The Pattern was from her bed sheets, all flowers with light purple scale colors and white background, but at the time the walls had “dark purple” that didn’t go anywhere, nothing to do about it; it was difficult to paint in dark colors, it doesn’t look as bright and match colors on dark is complicated for a baby girl, more challenging I had to choose 3 more colors to go with it. The end, I hope she enjoy as much I did learn from this experience, I really like the results

The Materials:

oil paint, green, blue, pink, purple.

color chalk, brushes, plastic containers, cardboard, thinner as solvent and cleaner…


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